Jodie Foster thanked Aaron Rodgers at the Globes but didn’t set him up with Shailene

While accepting the 2021 Golden Globe for supporting actress in a motion picture, Jodie Foster thanked her costars, her wife, her dog, her fellow nominees and … Aaron Rodgers.

Yes, that Aaron Rodgers.

The “Mauritanian” actress raised eyebrows during the virtual ceremony by name-checking the famous quarterback, who also happens to be engaged to Foster’s scene partner Shailene Woodley. Foster landed the award for her turn as a veteran defense attorney in the legal drama starring Tahar Rahim as Mohamedou Ould Slahi, an innocent man who was imprisoned for years at Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp.

“I’m a little speechless,” Foster said while rocking some silk pajamas alongside her wife, photographer Alexandra Hedison, and her dog, Ziggy.I just never expected to ever be here again. … I have to thank all of my amazing filmmakers … [director] Kevin Macdonald, [costars] Tahar Rahim, Benedict Cumberbatch, Shailene Woodley. … I love my wife. Thank you, Alex — and Ziggy and Aaron Rodgers. … This is awesome.”

The moment prompted many to wonder what — if any — relationship the screen icon had with the Green Bay Packers superstar and how — if at all — it fit into Rodgers and Woodley’s love story.

First of all, it’s important to note that Foster is a massive Green Bay Packers fan. And the feeling appears to be mutual, because Rodgers actually thanked Foster first during his MVP acceptance speech last month. (It was in that same MVP acceptance speech that Rodgers revealed he had a mystery fiancée, later confirmed to be Woodley.)Naturally, the Rodgers shoutout came up during Foster’s latest appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” where the actress and filmmaker gushed over the NFL player and promised to return the favor if she won a Golden Globe.

You see, he said ‘my team,’” an excited Foster told Kimmel at the time. “Even though he said ‘off the field,’ that makes me a Green Bay Packer! People keep saying to me, ‘No, Jodie. That does not mean you’re part of the team.’ But it does mean I’m part of the team!”

Not only did Foster keep her promise — she told reporters after the Globes that she had already received a “very cute video from Aaron Rodgers, where he says he’s going to get me back.”

“I’m looking forward to this,” Foster added. “We’ll see who wins.”

SOURCE: latimes

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