Iowa City Jewish community celebrates Purim in Costco parking lot

IOWA CITY, Iowa (KWWL) – The Jewish holiday of Purim requires those celebrating to hear the Megillah or Scroll of Esther live.

With the pandemic, the Rabbi of Lubavitch of Iowa City had to get creative with how to host the holiday.

Rabbi Avrohom Blesofsky thought of holding a Purim gathering in the Costo parking lot while on a shopping trip.

“When I asked the manager, he was so friendly,” Blesofsky said.

Those celebrating joined from their car or stood socially distanced to listen to the Rabbi read the Scroll of Esther. The Rabbi says listening through Zoom or over the phone does not fulfill the obligation.

“Number one there’s what the law says, which means from the letter of the law, if it’s not live, you don’t fulfill the obligation,” Blesofsky said, “but then from that social aspect you know we’re all striving, yearning rather, to be with each other.”

The holiday is also typically celebrated with a festive meal and giving to charity, which this year those celebrating are encouraged to partake in on their own.

Last year, this was the last holiday the community was able to celebrate with a larger in person gathering.”I like to say that during such a time of the pandemic there are hidden goodnesses that we could find and learn from and sometimes we overlook the basic miracles that happen every single day,” Blesofsky said.

SOURCE : kwwl

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