Angela White Tweeted About Dogecoin and Its Value Skyrocketed 125 Percent

Even if you’re completely oblivious to the minutiae of the cryptocurrency market, then there’s probably a good chance you’ve heard of Bitcoin and all of the sudden millionaires who ended up becoming richer than their wildest dreams could’ve ever prognosticated with a modest startup investment. The volatility of crypto-currencies are notorious, not to mention the variety, too. Which is why Angela White’s Dogecoin tweet is hilarious.Article continues below advertisement

Angela White tweeted about Dogecoin, and its value shot up significantly.

Every crypto trader is looking for the hot new commodity that’s going to gain traction, and folks are always investing a few dollars into different currencies in the hopes that one will “pop” one day. Problem is, there’s no cryptos being launched every single day it seems — and there are more than a few that make fun of the capricious and impromptu nature of just making a new e-dollar. Dogecoin is a pretty good example of that.

SOURCE: distractify

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