Captain Marvel Goose The MotherFlerken Cat shirt, ladies tee, tank top, and v-neck

Triangles are objectively superior sandwich shapes. Fury is a degenerate and I’ve lost all respect for him smh my head. Definitely not happening. Either make Carol or her mom Mar-Vell but I don’t wanna see Captain Marvel getting her name from a man, as I clearly don’t have to explain why that’s so wildly inappropriate. Doesn’t matter if he’s a love interest (granted that’d be worse) or some dead warrior guy. I thought Jude Law was playing Captain Mar-Vell and would be killed via skrulls and she becomes Captain Marvel to pay homage to her mentor. If it’s widely accepted as the actual plot, a lot of people are going to be disappointed. There is no Skrull Captain Marvel Goose The MotherFlerken Cat shirt. The Skrulls are not trying to use her as a weapon; it’s not even their role in the film.

Official Captain Marvel Goose The MotherFlerken Cat sweatshirt, hoodie

Captain Marvel Goose The Motherflerken Cat sweatshirt
Captain Marvel Goose The Motherflerken Cat hoodie

She does not leave to become a one-woman defense against intergalactic war. None of that is true. This fits everything together. Jackson said earlier that the Tesseract was in the possession of some Doctor connected to Carol. And I completely forgot about that with the earlier revelation that Mar-Vell is going by Dr. Lawson. You know besides not including Talos, most of this plot makes sense to me. The Skrull twist for Yon-Rogg is interesting and would make sense given how Jude Law’s character appears to be from the marketing Captain Marvel Goose The MotherFlerken Cat shirt. But I would at least hope to see the original Mar-Vell in some form. It’s going to get old watching the same plot devices over and over. You stop watching for the stories or characters and more for the spectacle. If you are only offering spectacle, you have to constantly up the spectacle.

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