Pennywise I’m lovin’ IT shirt

The thrill of writer Stephen King is considered a great treasure to filmmakers put on the big screen. Pennywise I’m lovin’ IT shirt. Transforming a massive work like IT into a film is not difficult, especially in the approach to the audience. The movie (ITV) (2017) excellently fulfilled the mission of the prequels but also left many questions in the hearts of audiences about an evil and unforgiving clown. Pennywise was the embodiment of an ancient evil creature.

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It was originally a giant spider. Which existed in the Macroverse, and landed on Earth for a long time. This creature possesses infinite spooky powers, which are capable of transforming into anyone it wants. Thus, in the work, it has repeatedly intimidated, tortured the spirit of the protagonist in various shapes, sometimes transformed into horror characters in the imagination of children like zombies, people no head, dolls … sometimes turned into the victim’s loved ones to manipulate their minds.

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Every once every 27 years. Pennywise I’m lovin’ IT shirt. He wakes up after a long sleep and looks for food. It is especially fond of eating baby meat so that the clown image is chosen to appear and intimidate the children. However, it does not swallow the prey or immediately “eat fear” from the victim. He likes manipulating the minds of those who have heart injuries or many tragedies. The seven children in the movie are characters built with many childhoods obsessed, so is the favorite “It”.

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